White Falls slot machine

You might always dream of starring in the style of Tarzan and Jane or the Amazon Queen, Robin Hood. Experience the deserted island - at this point it is the perfect opportunity to visit the online slot game "White Falls" from High 5 Gaming's ES G. A slightly interesting character from Tarzan-esq and who survives on this heavenly island Jane is very beautiful just to welcome You, and what's even clearer is that you get paid for the meeting. There are also prices to find island-themed items such as tropical fish

White Falls Slot Machine features and functions

When exploring a beautiful location, you must immediately follow the fast waterfall that divides the island, because the definition of alphanumeric characters can appear together to indicate the direction you should take. The cascading waterfall serves as the background for these symbols A, K, Q, J and 10 with prices up to 150, 100, 75, 50 and 30 coins, which are sold separately.

A large number of tests in humid conditions make you sweat. So they spray into the water to cool, and this leads to even more surprising prospects. Up to 200 coins are available to identify the lion's meshwork, while you get up to 250 coins for swimming with bright angels.

The two main characters are full of beauty and it will definitely be a coincidence in heaven when you finally join them, but you still have to find each one first. If you follow a muscular man with long hair, you will see that you want up to 300 coins while getting 400 coins to effectively find the beautiful blonde.

The trio of special symbols stand out on the White Falls scrolls, with the jackpot symbol appearing in the main role, while everyone can have wild symbols, and each combination of them shows that you can win up to 1000 coins and one scatter symbol which can lead to a free survey of the island

White Falls slot machine1

White Waterfall slot machine bonus rounds

The symbol for the game White Falls Wild is played in the main game with free spins and in functions for free spins with WILD. This replaces all symbols except Free Spins Scatter in the main Online Slots Singapore and Jackpot and Special Wild in free spins. Be careful of the jackpot symbol that just appeared on roll 1. When it appears on the payroll along with the WILD icon, the player has been a big success.

White Falls slot machine2

While you will see that the excitement on your partner's face will give you extraordinary satisfaction, the scene that you really want to find in this free White Falls slot game is the trio of scatter symbols on the third, fourth and fifth reel. How this shows Unlock a free game feature that allows you to swing vines in celebration.

You get 2 to 7 free games. If you only play with five active lines and deactivate a function with a different number of active lines, you will be sure that you are somewhere in the range of 5 and 7 free games.