Top 9 Online Gambling Games With Ideal Odds For Players

Most of the purpose of the player when playing online casino games is to entertain or make money. However, not all games are the same.

There are big differences in payout rates between games and these are important information players need to know.

The payout ratio of online casinos helps determine the house's advantage, which is the advantage that online casinos has in% in any game. The house edge advantage may be reduced if you use an effective play strategy, you can choose to play games with a low house edge.

Because they will offer a higher chance of winning with the same play money. The top 9 betting games that have the lowest house advantage are:

1. Backgammon (6.39%-4.82%)

Backgammon is the oldest and most popular table game in online casinos. A table consists of 2 players, the task is to move the pieces around the table to their playground and push them all off the table.

Players can choose from 3 types of bets: Jump, Out and Doubles. After betting, the dice will be shot.

- If the dice are shot successfully, the Jump bet wins.

- If shot but the dice roll again and if both pieces move away from the table, the Out bet wins.

- If rolling dice roll 2 times in a row, Double bets win.

As such, Jump and Out bets are more likely to win. sportbook Singapore

2. Caribbean Stud Poker (5%)

Think of Poker Stud, this is an interesting variation of them. The game also uses a 52-card deck of cards, which players can play against the dealer or play against other players.

Start playing Caribbean Stud Poker by placing an ante bet. You can then choose to progressive bet with a normal bet of $ 1.

After betting, each player and dealer are dealt 5 cards. 5 cards of the player are dealt face down, while 4 of 5 cards of the dealer face up, 1 face up.

To check your hand and the dealer's face-up information, you must make a choice to discard (lose ante and progressive bets if any) or make additional bets (double your original bet) if you think that his post is high.

If the player makes an additional bet, the house will open and compare, if the higher hand then the player wins.

The dealer's card containing 1 piece A and 1 K is eligible to compare, if winning the house will pay the prize according to the specified level.

If the dealer does not qualify, the player will only be paid the original wager and lose additional bets.

3. Pai Gow Poker (2.5%)

Pai Gow Poker is a combination of Domino Chinese and Poker. This is a very interesting variation of Poker, offering a chance to win a double win if the player wins 2 consecutive victories from 7 dealt cards.

Don't miss the chance to experience this special card game. If you're in Singapore, please choose a reliable online casino Singapore like to experience this game. Because of the best service offered, you will receive the most suitable odd  which the house edge provides. 

4. Roulette (European Version) - 2.5%

Roulette is a famous classic game with a lot of favorite players, especially the Single Zero version (the wheel has 1 number 0). So, look to this version to experience.

The rule is quite simple: There are 37 numbers on the wheel, bet 1 number with a pay ratio of 1-35. You don't need a computer to find that the payout ratio is higher than the 38-digit Roulette wheel with the same feed rate.

At online casinos, choose some of your favorites and look for luck on the websites. A reputable website will definitely bring you the most compelling experience.

5. Slots ( 2-10%)

Although the payments are not as good as table games, Slots is king at online casinos.

The competition to provide the best slot games makes software developers constantly adding attractive features such as free spins, jackpots, bonus rounds, etc.

To reduce the house edge, we recommend looking for slot games with that feature, which can make the difference between winning and losing games.

You really have to spend days trying out different Slots games, so look for information on the most popular online slot games in the world to be able to choose the most suitable games.

6. Video Poker (0.5 - 5%)

If the player has the right play strategy, you can turn Video Poker's home advantage down to 0%.

Though hard to believe because casinos are making money, this is true. Many players say that Video Poker is a skill game. It will be easier for new players to find the simple versions of Video Poker available like Jacks, Deuces Wild, Better, etc.

7. Three-Card Poker (1.5 %)

Three-Card Poker is a fast and fun variation of Poker so it has gradually become popular in traditional casinos and online casinos.

In this game, the player and dealer are dealt 3 cards. The payout ratio varies according to the value of the cards.

When playing King high, you can get big payouts, the basic Poker strategy also applies. We recommend playing Queen high so you can get your bets back and more.

8. Baccarat (1.5%)

Maybe you do not like Slots but still want to play games that are not too complicated. Which game has few basic actions and strategies? It is Baccarat.

Bettors only need to bet on a Player, Banker or a Tie. Players participating in Baccarat must follow the basic rules of card distribution. The best bet is the Player because the Banker has to pay an extra fee for the house.

In addition, you can find and plan the best strategy to be able to win Baccarat online easily. Besides, a reliable online casino will help you get the best odds when betting on Baccarat. Let’s choose a best online casino to get the best experiences. 

9. Craps (5 - 1.4%)

It can be said that Craps is one of the most interesting games in any casino. But what about online casinos? Many rules often advise players not to try their luck.

However, Craps offers one of the lowest house edges compared to other gambling games. When starting to place a bet at Craps - the house edge receives only about 1.4% profit. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for every player to be able to increase their profits.

Try Craps at reputable casinos. If you are in Singapore, try this exciting game at website. One of the best Singapore online casinos 918kiss !


Above are the top 9 online gambling games for ideal odds for players at online casinos. Hopefully, you can choose a favorite gambling game to get the best experiences and have the chances to get the huge rewards. Remember that a reliable online casino is the most important factor in finding winning ways! Good luck!

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