Roulette is one of the favorite games in major casinos in the world. Roulette tables always attract a large number of players to join because the rules are quite simple but with high rewards. In Singapore, online Roulette has been developing at a fast speed, giving players the best experience.

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However, to be able to easily win and have more advantage when participating in online roulette, you need to know the rules of the game as well as clever tips. The following article will help you better understand these factors. Let's learn more!

The basic online Roulette rules 

At online casinos, the online Roulette playing area usually attracts the most players because the rules here are so simple, anyone can play bets. Here are some rules that players should be aware of while playing.

Normally, a Roulette wheel usually has 37 cells corresponding to numbers from 0 to 36. However, with American Roulette tables there are usually 38 cells corresponding to numbers from 0 to 37. In addition to the turntable, there will be one more table for players to bet. There are many different types of betting with different odds for players to choose from.

+ Inside bet: is a method of placing a specific bet on each cell in the bet

+ Outside bet: is a form of betting on groups of numbers in red and black, horizontal, vertical, even with different odds of winning.

The odds of winning each table are different because it depends on the odds of that number being produced. If the red / black bet method is selected, the probability is higher and the odds to win are 1: 1. But with 1-digit betting, the harder probability is 1/37, so its odds are 1:35.

In online Roulette will limit the minimum and maximum bet so players need to pay attention to choose the appropriate bet.

Tips to win online roulette

1. Try it out before placing any bets

For those who regularly play Roulette, it is no stranger to how to play but with new people, we need to get acquainted before playing. There are many ways to try it out, such as participating in free online games or even reputable bookmakers also have Roulette tables for players to experience.

After playing the game you will understand more about how to play, the general rules of the ball can then make a reasonable bet that will bring you victory.

2. Line betting

Usually the probability of the return plots will be 50/50. That is, if the player places borders such as red / black, high / low, parity, the chance of winning will be higher. However, the odds of winning will be higher, but if you have the right strategy, you will still be profitable after each game.

3. Pay attention to observe

Please observe the results of the last game to analyze and make a reasonable bet on the next game. With this observation you will also find the common law of the marble.

Example: If the previous game has 10 red squares then the next game should be a red / black bet. This way of betting can bring steady profits for you.

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4. Always have confidence in yourself

A stable mentality, confidence in our play style is quite important because if we do not have confidence in ourselves, we will consider and make a wrong bet that leads to nothing. Whether you lose or win, calmly judge to make reasonable decisions.

5. Withdraw money right after winning

Normally, everyone's mentality will see that their pocket still has a lot of money, so it will open up. Therefore, if you do not want to go too far and lead to nothing, please withdraw money to your account after winning. Doing this does not take much time but helps players preserve the interest and control the capital for the next betting Singapore

7. No more than losing to the dealer

Keep your mentality stable whether you lose or win. If you lose the black wire continuously, stop to preserve your capital and come back to play the next day. Because we can always play bets with the dealer and remove capital at other times.

8. Only play European Roulette

European Roulette has 37 tiles, increasing the player's probability of winning. As for Roulette, there are up to 38 number boxes, that's why the player's winning rate will also be greatly reduced and increase the odds of winning for the house.

9. Study exchange

Always try to trade and talk to other players on the same screen. Thereby you can learn the person's great tips. In addition, take advantage of the collection of many great tips and apply it well to increase your chances of winning.


Above are the tips and rules of online roulette. In Singapore, online roulette is attracting a lot of players' attention, so hopefully these tips can help you find victory at online casino in Singapore SCR888. Good luck!